A global community committed to celebrating and supporting those who dedicate their lives to serving others

– their selflessness, sacrifice, heroism and legacy.

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These are the millions across the globe on whom we rely during times of crisis and conflict, but who we rarely think about until we really need them. They are the best of humankind; going about their work without fuss or fanfare; without expectation of fame, wealth or recognition. The Armed Forces, doctors, nurses and paramedics, firefighters, law enforcement and rescue services, selflessly dedicate their lives to serve their countries and communities – keeping us healthy, safe and secure, often in extremely challenging circumstances. Their service can lead to devastating life-changing physical injuries, mental health challenges and even suicide. Their actions and sacrifices are, for the most part, taken for granted and their stories overlooked.

Our mission


The UNSUNG Foundation will raise a minimum of $1 Billion over the next 10 years to support the Unsung and the charities who provide critical services.


We will encourage a kinder, more compassionate community worldwide through the faces, voices, thoughts and ideas of those who serve on the frontline.


We will build a platform – a home for the Unsung – to share and celebrate their inspirational stories of service and heroism, of overcoming adversity and achieving post-traumatic growth.


We will support, honour and heal individuals and families across the globe facing long-term impacts and celebrate all forms of service: encouraging everyone to find their own way to serve.